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About RES

Renewable Energy Systems (RES) is one of the top renewable energy companies in North America. Worldwide, RES has constructed over 160 renewable energy projects with a total capacity of more than 13,000-megawatts (MW).

RES in North America

RES has been active in North America since 1997, and has a renewable energy and energy storage construction portfolio that exceeds 10,000 MW and over 100 projects, and has constructed more than 1,000 miles of overhead transmission lines. In addition, RES has a robust development pipeline of wind, solar, and energy storage projects across North America.

We developed and constructed our first project, the 60 MW Cameron Ridge wind farm in Tehachapi, California in 1999. In 2001, we co-developed and constructed the 278 MW King Mountain Wind Ranch in Texas, the largest wind project in the world at the time. In 2006, RES financed and completed construction of our first ownership asset in the U.S., the 60 MW Whirlwind Energy Center in Texas. The 30 MW Webberville solar project in Texas was our first solar project. Entering the energy storage market in 2010, we built our first RESolve energy storage project in Ohio in 2014. 

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A Team of Professionals

What distinguishes RES is our dedicated staff of professionals. Their combined knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed in the industry, and enables us to offer our clients a full suite of development and construction services. This ensures that projects are engineered for maximum efficiency and that they transition smoothly from one phase to the next.

Working with Communities

We are committed to working with the community on all of our projects. We understand, first and foremost, that we are guests on the land. Since we are a family-owned company, RES respects property rights, land ownership, and privacy. We are proud of our expertise in developing and constructing wind, solar, and energy storage projects that reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability while providing clean, secure, renewable energy to meet your needs for years to come.

Our north regional office is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Please visit the RES company website for more information.