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Project Location 

The proposed project is located approximately six miles east of L’Anse, with the nearest proposed turbines approximately eight miles away. The proposed turbines would all be located in L’Anse Township.

An associated 138kV overhead transmission line will be required to transmit the energy to the electrical grid. The transmission line will be approximately 25 miles, and will parallel an existing American Transmission Company (ATC) line about 3 miles west of Highway 41 up until it connects to the Silver River Substation west of Baraga.

The study area is approximately 28,000 acres of sustainably-managed timberland owned by Weyerhaeuser and other adjacent privately owned timberland. The project is compatible with Weyerhaeuser’s sustainable forestry practices and will use existing infrastructure -- such as logging roads and trails -- as much as possible. Once the project is constructed, its physical footprint will occupy less than two percent of the total land area.

Why is the Summit Lake Wind project located where it is?

This site has been selected for the following reasons:

  • Reliable wind resource
  • Available capacity on the existing electrical grid
  • Distance to residences
  • Compatible use of timberland. RES partners with Weyerhaeuser at several sites across the country to offer clean, renewable options that meet environmental standards and coexist with sustainable forestry