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Why Wind?

Why build wind turbines?

Wind energy is a clean, renewable form of energy that has many benefits:

  • Wind energy contributes to the country’s energy independence. It is a homegrown energy source that helps to diversify the national energy portfolio.
  • Wind power results in public health savings by reducing the need for energy generation that creates smog and trigger asthma attacks and other lung diseases.
  • Projects like this contribute significantly to the local tax base, helping rural communities afford teachers, school repairs, fire and rescue equipment, and make needed road improvements.
  • Wind energy produces jobs that contribute to Michigan's economy. IIn Michigan, there are at least 26 wind-related manufacturing facilities. This project is anticipated to create up to 300 temporary jobs during construction and up to 8 permanent jobs during operation of the project.

Why build wind turbines here?

RES is partnering with Weyerhaeuser Company to identify sites across the country where Weyerhaeuser would like to develop wind energy facilities on their properties. This site in L'Anse Township is a site where Weyerhaeuser views a wind energy facility as compatible with its sustainable forestry practices. Wind energy projects also require a sufficient wind resource and available capacity on the existing electrical grid.

 Would RES do this project if there were no subsidies available?

All forms of energy generation in the United States (coal, petroleum, nuclear, wind, solar, etc.) are subsidized. The level of government tax incentive, or subsidy, to support a project is part of the business decision to do a project. This project can benefit from the federal government's Production Tax Credit (PTC). This incentive helps offset the costs associated with building energy infrastructure while helping to create affordable, clean electricity for the country.